Sudbury Arts Council Hopeful City Council Will Support Affordable Housing Initiative in the Downtown

March 28, 2016

“We have been working on this initiative for four years. It is the first major project to address affordable housing needs in the downtown. We hope to have up to 50 rental units available by fall of 2017. This project is designed to attract creative professionals to live in our downtown. We need City Council’s financial support ” Linda Cartier, President, Sudbury Arts Council.


Artsjunction is an affordable housing initiative for creative workers located in the downtown core of the City of Greater Sudbury. Artsjunction will provide up to 55 living spaces for professional creative workers. Thirty of these spaces will be designated at affordable market rates set by CMHC.

One of the goals of the project will be to attract artists and creative workers from various backgrounds to live in a central hub of the downtown. We are looking for contributing members of creative economy. Emerging professional artists and creative workers will be invited to apply for affordable accommodations in the downtown.

The key goals of the project are:
• To contribute to the revitalization and diversification of the downtown core, as well as to improve the City’s economy;
• To create affordable residential units;
• To repurpose a historic building downtown;
• To create complimentary facilities such as shared studio space, exhibition and rehearsal space, space for social interaction (pub and café), a collective resource centre to support the administration of emerging arts groups;
• To foster creative conversations and innovation by offering professional creative workers an incubator space and social environment that supports the development of creative and inventive ideas;
• To provide some storage space for the creative workers living in the building.

There may also be a small visual arts gallery and a gift shop to support and promote resident artists work. On November 27th, 2015 a presentation was made to City Council and the mayor requesting $1.5 million dollars to kick-start this project. If the City commits to supporting the project, support from the Province and the Government of Canada is expected to follow quickly. This would allow Artsjunction to acquire the building and renovations could start as early as January 2017.

Artsjunction and the Sudbury Arts Council are asking for community support to make this project a reality.

Residents are invited to contact members of the City Council to express their support:

Facebook Page: ArtsjunctionDowntown

CBC Radio Interview with Paddy O’Sullivan

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