Research Project

Mayor's Celebration of the Arts 2017

The nomination form is now online. Please follow the link to submit a nominee, click here.

Arena Vision Meeting - January 18th 2017

Research Project

The Sudbury Arts Council is currently reaching out to local artistic organizations with the purpose of collecting data for a research project that aims to provide accurate and insightful data on the state of the arts in the city.

We ask that you help us to help you by filling out a survey that takes less than fifteen minutes to complete. Doing so will greatly benefit the arts in the city. This project is the first of its kind in the province; no one has yet attempted to collect hard data pertaining to the arts and culture sector. Having this data compiled and available to both the public and the city will potentially maximize the resources available to the artistic community, bolster the city’s cultural identity, and aid you, the individual artists and organizations, with the production of your work. There has never been a greater need to diversify our economy and promote the arts than today. Please take part in this endeavor by filling out the survey below and emailing it to .

Please follow the link below to download our surveys:


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